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     VOLUME 2 - NUMBER 2 - JULY 2000

  • Short story
    Woman behind the billboard
  • Poetry
    A painter's Crossing
    To a lonely child
    Father and son
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  • ART : by Nguyen Trung.





    Woman behind the billboard by Hoang Thi Bich Ti (Click title)

Hoang Thi Bich Ti, pseudonym of Huynh Thi Bich Ti, short story writer. Born in 1959 in Saigon Vietnam, she fled the country in 1975 with her family to the US, where she settled. She was one of the founding-editors and a member of the editorial staff of Song Van magazine established in March 1996. Most of her first published short stories appeared in the first issue of Song Van under the pseudonyms Tuong Nghi,  Lac Pho, and Hoang Thi Bich Ti. Her first book of fiction "Nguoi dan ba sau tam quang cao" published by Van Moi Publisher in 1996 collected ten short stories, many based on her haunting childhood and two of which, "Chum Hoa Man", had been read on a radio broadcast (Little Saigon Radio, short-story reading programme), and "Nguoi dan ba sau tam quang cao", been translated into English.  "Woman behind the billboard", the translation version, first published in SongVan magazine was smeared with typing errors which could easily be avoided by a careful typist. The story describes a certain look at the Vietnam war, encapsulating the final picture of the country, and piecing together the fragments of the war-torn lives from which real people became the typically tragic characters: the woman who lived behind the billboard; the prostitute; the war bride; the children and the old woman in the small restaurant; their humanly unavoidable needs: eating, sleeping, love making; their physically death, and their mentally death. All were set and framed in a historic playground and background with the mentally handicapped GI having fought a war of unknown cause -- and the  victorious team celeberating the vitory. Hoang Thi Bich Ti's most recent publication is also a collection of short stories, Yellow Mama, published by Viet Publisher in early 2000. The book includes 48 poetry pieces of the verse and prose writer Tran Nghi Hoang.

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    Country-You-Happiness, To a lonely child by Song Ho (Click title)

Song Ho, born in 1932, is a poet and a journalist. He began his writing career in 1952 in Hanoi (North Vietnam) and became a journalist after his resettling in 1954 in Saigon (South Vietnam), where he contributed to numerous newspapers, radio broadcast. His most recent book of poems, Da va Hoa, was published by Huong Duong Publisher (1992), after Tho Song Ho, a collection of poems, published by Khai Tri Publisher (Saigon, 1964). Hai Canh Hoa Tim, his first book of poetry, was published in 1960. Rock and Flower, an English-language version of Da va Hoa translated by Song Ho is published in 2000. Some of the poems in this translation version had been published in anthologies or magazines, including Transformed (On the Threshold Of A Dream, 1988), Sunday morning (American Poetry Anthology 1988), A Secular tree (Many Voices and Many Lands, 1989), Once more being a baby (Best New Poets Of 1988, under the title Once more to be a baby.), Lunar Eclipsed Night ((Love's Greatest Treasures), The Seasons (Days Of Future's Past), On the Blue Dragon Hill (Selected Poets Of The New Era 1989) Real Golden Sun (The World's Largest Poem For Peace, UN 1991), Finer, Grass & Man, Man & Grass (Song Van Magazine -issue 8&9/1997), That is the difference but the same, Who gives to me, A pink lily (Song Van -issue 10/1997), Turning around ceaselessly, Chrysanthemum, Creation (Song Van, issue 11/1997), The Mountain (Song Van, 1999), Secular tree (Song Van, 1999).

    Father and Son by Hoang Xuan Son (Click title)   

Hoang Xuan Son was born in Thua Thien Vietnam in 1942. He began writing poetry in 1962. Vien Pho, his first collection of poetry, was published in 1989 by Viet Chien Publisher. His most recent work Hue Buon Chi, a collection of poems, was published in 1993. Hoang Xuan Son's poems have appeared in numerous magazines of literature and art published in the United States and Canada.

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   A painter's Crossing by Tu Huynh (Click title)

Tu Huynh, painter. The son of an officer in the Southern military force, he was born in 1970 in Vietnam. His father, who participated in the 1966 Central Vietnam uprising, died in 1972 when he was two years old. In 1975, one day before the fall of Saigon on April 30 ending the war of attrition and the corruptible, inefficient systems of military government his father protested, he left a collapsed South Vietnam. A Chinook piloted by his uncle picked up him and his family from the centre of the capital at 4:AM for nowhere but the ocean with no certainty of a safe destination. But ships seemed to be waiting. Afterwards, he came to the US, where he settled. Tu Huynh wrote poems and painted in his early age. Graduated from University of Florida in Fine Art with Honours in 1995 he painted regularly ever since. He first exhibited in Washington DC in 1999.

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Hoang Thi Bich Ti
Hoang Xuan Son
Song Ho
Tu Huynh

Luan Hoan
Nguyen Trung

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is compiled and listed by LUAN-HOAN.
The listings are edited, rewritten in English, and given added information to where needs be, by The Writers Post. Also, new listings may be added by the The Writers Post. We apologise for any deficiency, to the reader, and to any poet or writer whose name is not in the list as information is not available.  Listed poets and writers' photographs may be available at LuanHoan's website, in the Vietnamese author section - Tac gia Viet-Nam   http://www.digital-info.com/luanhoan

  • A Listing of Vietnamese Poets and Writers Abroad aims to provide information on about 250 Vietnamese poets and writers living abroad. We apologize for any deficiency, to the reader, and to any poet or writer whose name is not in the listing as information is not available -- The Writers Post --
  • (Note to the reader: All poets, fiction writers, and non-fiction writers alphabetically listed in the listing are published authors. The listing includes the name of the author, genre identity, residency information or information on birth and death as the author passed on, and publications, which are symbolized as follows:
    Name of the author: in bold letters
    Genre identity: P = Poet -- FW = Fiction writers -- W = Writer
    Residency information: (...) name of country in parentheses.
    Information on birth and death: (...) place of birth, year of birth, and year of death, place of death in parentheses.
    Pubs: Publications could either be fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. An asterisk (*) before "Pubs" stands for "His", indicating the author is a male, otherwise, a female. Thus, *Pubs is to be understood as His publications. Example: Binh Nguyen Loc (BienHoa/South Vietnam 1914-1987 USA) -- FW --  *Pubs: .... is read:  Binh Nguyen Loc, born in BienHoa South Vietnam in 1914, died in 1987 in the US, is a fiction writer. His publications...
          or Bac Phong (Canada) -- P -- :  Bac Phong, living in Canada, is a poet.)


  • Binh Nguyen Loc (BienHoa/South Vietnam 1914-1987 USA) --FW-
    *Pubs: Do doc, Gieo gio gat bao, Ky thac, Nhen cho moi ai, Ai an thau ngan cho dai tiec thuong, Bong ai qua ngoai cua, Hoa hau Bo Dao, Nua dem trang sup, Dung hoi tai sao, Mua thu nho tam, Tinh dat, Nhung buoc lang thang tren pho cua ga BNL, Mot nang hai chang, Quan tai heo, Tham lang, Tram nho ngan thuong, Uong lon thuoc tien, Can Gio, Diem Phuong, Sau dem bo rap, Cuong ron chua lia, Khi Tu Thuc ve tran, Nguoc goc Ma lai cua dan toc Vietnam, Lot tran Viet ngu.
  • Bac Phong (Canada) -- P --
    *Pubs: Chinh ca (Dong Tien, 1986).
  • Bui Bao Truc (USA) -- W --
    *Pubs: Thu gui ban ta 1, Thu gui ban ta 2, Thu gui ban ta 3.
  • Bui Bich Ha (USA) -- FW -- 
    Pubs: Buoi sang mot minh (Nguoi Viet, 1989), Ban gai nho to (Nguoi Viet 1991), Nhung con mua tro ve.
  • Bui Vinh Phuc (USA) -- W --
    *Pubs: Nhung con mua tro ve (1981/1987), Que huong, cam tau khuc ky niem (1982), Ngon ngu va van hoa Vietnam (1992), Cac bai ly luan va tuan ky mau (1994), Mot noi nao, Ly luan va phe binh 20 nam van hoc Viet ngoai nuoc.

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  • Cover artist






Studio : 68/7A Tran Quang Khai St., District 1, HoChiMinh City, Vietnam.

Office : 218A Pasteur St. District 3, HoChiMinh City, Vietnam.


1940 -- Born in Soc Trang, Vietnam
1961 -- Participated in numerous National and International Exhibitions.
1967 -- First One man Show at the Alliance Francaise, Saigon.
1990 -- The First Annual "Recent Works" Exhibition by a group of 10 artists.

1991 -- Participated in the Biennal Exhibition of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Grand Palais, Paris

1991 -- Exhibition by Oversea Artists living in Paris, Maison des Assiciation, Forum des Halles, Paris.

1991 -- "Abstract" National Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City.

1991 -- Exhibition by Vietnamese Artists, Plum Blossoms Gallery, HongKong.

1992 -- Exhibition by Vietnamese Artists, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Singapore.

1993 -- Participated in the "New Space" by Vietnamese and Singaporean Artists, HoChiMinh City.

1994 -- Participated in the Asian Frienship Exhibition. HCMC Art Museum.

1995 -- Participated in the Art Exhibition, Seoul.

1995 -- 10th Asian Art International Art Exhibition - Singapore.

1996 -- 6th "Recent Works" by Group of 10 Artists. HCMC.

1996 -- "Vietnamese Art after "Doi Moi". Fujita Vente Art Museum Tokyo, Japan.

1961 -- Silver Medal, Spring Art Competition, Saigon.

1963 -- Gold Medal, Spring Art Competition, Saigon.

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SHORT STORIES, POEMS from current, and previous issues:

Short Stories

Enter the city -- Tran Gia Nam
Thanks, happy death -- N. Saomai
Weigh anchor to run -- Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac
The old man who believed only what he saw -- Vo Ky Dien
The battlefield -- Tran Hoai Thu
Eva -- Song Thao
The lucky compulsive gambler -- Pham Nguyen Luong
The young woman who practiced singing -- Duong Nhu Nguyen

Woman behind the billboard -- Hoang Thi Bich Ti


Flee, darling, into my dream -- Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh
The mountain -- Song Ho
Year-end Blues -- Dinh Cuong
The colors of time -- Doan Phu Tu
This is not the first time -- Hoang Thi Ngoc Huong
Snow -- Hoang Xuan Son
The compass of command transferred to a friend  -- Luan Hoan
Farewell music, Purification -- Pham Manh Vien
Secular tree -- Song Ho
White summer night -- Vu Thi An
Alongside -- Hoang Xuan Son
To welcome you, my love -- Creation -- Pham Manh Vien
Volunteer -- Dung Nham

A painter's Crossing -- Tu Huynh

Country-You-Happiness -- Song Ho

To a lonely child -- Song Ho

Father and son -- Hoang Xuan Son


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    Rock and Flower

English version of Da & Hoa, a collection of poems by Song Ho, translated by the author. Four pieces in the collection were translated by Hoang Nguyen, Dang Hien, Hoai Van Tu, and Loan Starkey - Published by the author - Printed at Liviko's Printing 2206 Main Street Houston Texas 77002 - 210 pages - $14.00. Contact Song Ho at (512) 280-9048.


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