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JUL 2010




                 DIEP TRUNG HA



                 a poem by DIEP TRUNG HA



                          Facing It, Again

                                 (inspired by Yusef Komunyakaa’s “Facing It”)

… dedicated to those who didn’t make it …



Yusef, you’re not alone,

but my face doesn’t fade

like your black face fades,

hiding inside the black granite.

My face can’t hide ─ I am not inside

the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

You found Andrew Johnson.

I keep searching.   

Where’s the name Lê Đức Nam?

I remember.  He got married

right after Thủ Đức, not his place

of choice, only to leave behind

a young widow, with child. 

Where’s the name Lý thị Lan?

I remember reading about her: 

old enough to leave for the rough

jungle, only never to exit it. 

You go down the 58,022 names.

I still look for the other

1,284,000 names ─ names

like Lan and names like Nam.

Another face, like my face,

under a thin cloud of white hair,

moves slowly

across the black wall.

I turn, but he’s gone.

I face it, again. 

A helicopter flies across.

I see no black smoke, only

the names written on it.

Yusef, you’re not alone.

I too want to face it,

the black granite

with the names spelling the faces

like the face facing me facing

the black mirror.


                                   DIEP TRUNG HA




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